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Thank you for signing up to write postcards to Washington State voters.

If You Haven’t Already Signed Up, please go to our Sign Up page to join our effort.  After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions to get started!

Scroll down this page to view Frequently Asked Questions and information about writing, purchasing, and printing postcards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the postcards and postage? 

Postcards4WA participants are responsible for buying their own postcards and postage.

How much do stamps cost? 

Postcard stamps, as of this date, are 35 cents each.  Stamps can be purchased at your local post office or online at:  https://store.usps.com/store/product/buy-stamps/seashells-postcard-stamp-S_119604

Pre-stamped blank postcards from the post office are 39 cents each, or you can purchase them online at: https://store.usps.com/store/product/cards-envelopes/azulillo-stamped-card-S_250004

Do I need to save receipts for my expenses?

Yes!  The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission requires that Postcards4WA document the expenses each postcard-writer incurs.  These expenses will be reported as in-kind contributions to candidates’ campaigns, or to any Democratic organizations who supply Postcards4wa with voter addresses.  We will provide you with a form to report your expenses to us.

How do I get addresses?

We have a new self-service system for distributing addresses, thanks to our partnership with PersonToPerson (a group of techie grass-roots activists who are working with several Democratic postcard groups around the country).  Go to our Sign Up page to get started.

What do I write on my postcards?

Instructions to write for the candidate(s) of your choice will be supplied to you after you have signed up.  These will include specific messaging tips for each campaign as well as more general suggestions that apply to all campaigns.

Where do I get the Postcards? 

You can print postcards at home using templates below, or purchase pre-printed cards from a variety of locations.  Some of our favorites are:

Sister District:  https://sister-district-project.myshopify.com/

Vertical Printing:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/VerticalPrinting?ref=12-shopheader-name

Postcards to Voters:  https://postcardstovoters.org/postcards/

USPS:  https://store.usps.com/store/product/cards-envelopes/azulillo-stamped-card-S_250004


Lots of other suggestions here:


One of our fellow Postcards4WA writers, Melinda, has created a beautiful Get Out the Vote  photo-postcard of Hood Canal  that is available for purchase.  Melinda also has other activism-inspired postcards to choose from.

Email:  mkholman@ comcast.net

Ask to see Melinda’s design(s), and, order her postcards!  Checks are accepted and preferred.

100 cards   x .13  =  $15.00  include packaging materials  + shipping $7.25 = $22.25

50 cards     x  .13  =  $7.50     + shipping $3.75  =  $11.25

25 cards     x  .13  =  $3.75      + shipping $3.50   = $7.25

Use the guidelines and templates below if you want to print postcards on your home printer:

What kind of paper should I use to print postcards at home? 

Use card stock paper, 80-110 pound weight.  The postcard designs below will print four postcards per page.  So, five sheets of paper will make 20 postcards, six sheets will make 24 cards, seven sheets will make 28 cards, and 25 sheets will make 100 postcards.

How do I calculate my expenses for home-printed postcards?

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission asks that you report, to Postcards4WA, the fair-market value of your home-printed postcards.  This is easy to do:  take one sheet (of four home-printed postcards) to a local printing business (Staples, for example).  Request a quote from them for printing the same number of postcards you will be printing at home.

If their price is $20 to print 100 postcards (front and back, 4 postcards to a sheet), your fair market value would be 20 cents for each home-printed postcard.  Please save your quote as proof of the fair-market value of your home-printed postcards.

The templates below are set up for home printing, but the files can also be printed at your local office supply store’s copy center, or through an online printing company such as Vistaprint or Gotprint.

Printing and Setup Tips

We have provided postcard templates, below, that have a .25″ border.  Most desktop printers should work with this.  It’s a good idea to make sure that your printer’s settings cover the maximum area.  We recommend using the test print page to set up your printer and to ensure the images will not get cut off.

Do not scale to fit or shrink to fit.

Print at 100%.

After you have checked your printer and set up the margins, you will be ready to print your postcards.

There is a back side for each postcard.  BE SURE TO PRINT BOTH SIDES!  The back side has the address portion and most importantly, the TRIM LINES!

It is best to print the front and back page in separate passes.  Your printer may have options for printing double-sided.  We have found the default often prints the back side of the postcard upside-down so we prefer to feed the paper through two times for better control.


Click on the blue text to download and print this Liberty postcard:  Postcards4WA Postcard Template 1

 Designed by WIN member and artist, Marcia Hamilton:

Four to a page/ front and back

Four postcard designs by WIN member, and artist, Lisa Misemer: 

Click on the blue text to download and print Lisa Misemer’s wonderful Wishing Is Not Enough template: Postcards4WA Postcard Template 5.compressed

Click on the blue text to download and print this Change is Good template:  Postcards4WA Postcard Template 3.compressed (1)

Four to a page/ front and back

Click on the blue text to download and print this True Blue template: Postcards4WA Postcard Template 4.compressed

Four to a page/ front and back

Click on blue text to download and print this Vote For Our Future template:  Postcards4WA Postcard Template 2

Four to a page/ front and back

Click this line of text to download  and print this We Vote We Win postcard from PostCardsFromThePeople.com

Four to a page/ front and back

Click on the blue text to download and print this Orca template from Postcards From the People:   epaorca_sea

Prints four to a page, front and back

This would be a nice template to use for postcards with an environmental theme.